Underwater Macro Magic

It was great to be back shooting some Underwater Macro Magic again!

Winter has been quite mild this year, so the water wasn’t as cold as it can be. Alma Bay is almost always a great place for an easy access shore dive.

I certainly love having clients discover the magic of underwater macro. Currently though, the island is quieter than normal with less tourists and less classes. So I am still making the most of the great diving myself.

The clear water was great for my macro dive. It was also great for some wide angle underwater photography.

underwater macro magic photography

The colour of the soft fan coral was amazingly vibrant. Wide shots are definitely impressive. However, a close up macro shot really makes for a detailed, strong and interesting image.

I also saw a number of tiny young Nudibranchs. I’ve seen many before, but it doesn’t matter. They’re always too good to not shoot!

As it was nice and calm I also managed to get a crisp shot of a sea whip. Every tiny tentacle was gently moving in the water, looking for food. Really amazing.

If you’re keen to join me on a macro dive, please contact me. I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!