• Sunscreen and bug spray are always good to have.
  • A snack and some water to keep you satisfied and hydrated for a few hours is a good idea too.
  • Sturdy footwear for most of the trails or trainers/thongs for the beach.
  • Whatever camera you have, and a tripod, if you have one.

If you’re still unsure, please get in touch to enquire more specifically on what you’re wanting to shoot.

Within reason, and within certain qualifications, Yes.

From a physical point of view

For something like the waterfalls, you will need a reasonable level of agility and fitness, as we will be climbing over rocks and along some small dirt trails.

Most people find the Forts Walk faily easy, but again, it will depend on your personal fitness level and ability.

For the beach or Picnic bay jetty, it’s an easy wander along the sand. Nothing too unusual or difficult there.

None of the shoots are a race. We are generally ambling along at a relaxed pace, so you don’t need to be a marathon-runner to come.

From a technical point of view

Yes, bring whatever gear you wish to bring (but following on from above, don’t bring a huge pack and weigh yourself down unnecessarily).

I will have my tripod and a small spare with me. I will also have a few spare lenses for Nikon cameras, as well as a filter kit. Trying out some new gear, and new techniques is what we are all about. Exactly what we bring will depend on what we are shooting. For the most part, it’s all about having fun and using what you have to the best of its, and your, ability.

For the underwater photography (qualifications):

You will need to be at least an Open Water Diver with a cert from a recognised organisation (PADI, SSI, BSAC etc).

In addition, you should be able to show your log book preferably with at least 10 logged dives.

Again, if you’re still unsure, please drop me an email to enquire more specifically, depending on what you’re wanting to shoot.

For the land-based shoots, sorry No. They are very much a fun, casual learning thing.

As mentioned in my Bio, I am self-taught, and although a member of Nikon Professional Services, have no formal training myself. Just a decent list of clients and a huge portfolio of images.

I have years of experience with passionate image-creation, and love sharing what I have learnt to help others get the stunning images they want to be proud of.

Underwater Photography

For the Underwater Photography, there is the option of getting your PADI UW Photographer certification.

I am a qualified and experienced PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and an Underwater Photography Instructor, so if you wish to undertake the full course (2 days, 2 dives), and complete the required PADI Knowledge Reviews, you can earn your PADI UW Photographer Certification.

Please contact me for more information and pricing, as this is an option I offer in conjunction with the local dive shop Pleasure Divers, and we need to get it booked in.

Ideally, after any shoot or session, you’ll have a big smile on your face. You’ll also have a greater understand of photography and your equipment. You will also have an image you can’t wait to print and frame. That’s what we’re aiming for!

No. All the animals I like to see and take images of are wild. They should be treated with respect and admiration from a safe distance away!

However, if you do wish to get a bit more up-close-and-personal, Bungalow Bay Koala Village has its own Koalas and Wildlife Tours.

Unfortunately, currently, No.

Rules, regulations and insurance for carrying of passengers in a business-capacity make it less easy to do so.

For now, I am meeting my keen photographers at the various locations and we are walking the trails or the beach together.

The island has a good bus service that stops often. It is within easy walking distance from all of the locations that we shoot at.