Matt and Helena

Special wedding celebrations

Whilst it was not something I often did, I have been rather busy of late with shooting some special wedding celebrations.

I have had the privilege of being the photographer for a number of special weddings on Lizard Island as well as here at home on Magnetic Island.

Our karma pots must have been overflowing because the weather-gods overlooking both islands were very kind to us all, and we had perfect days with amazing light.

amazing lighting wedding photography

Some of the couples have wanted some pre-wedding shots, and some only the ceremony. As much as possible, I use the natural light. But for a little fill here and there, the amazing MagMod Magsphere is a superb lighting modifier, giving perfect soft natural fill lighting. It’s quite amazing how this seemingly simple little attachment diffuses the light so evenly. I love it.

island wedding photography

The after-ceremony shots are always my favourite. That’s when the excitement (and perhaps a little stress) of the big moment has eased. Then fun, creativity, and sometimes even little silly craziness comes out.

The group walk is a good way to kick it off. Letting loose and being full of movement and joy is what really makes the kinds of shots shine.

Tina and Brian definitely took it to the next level. It’s not often you see the bride and groom go in the ocean for a fully dressed swim! The resulting shots are fabulous though.

bespoke wedding photography


They have all been amazing days, and I look forward to shooting a few more weddings, especially bespoke island weddings. They’re pretty awesome!

Congratulations to the happy couples and happy snapping!