Headshot Heroes

Headshot Heroes. Portrait Pros. It’s been a great week of shooting profile pictures.

I have been back up on Lizard Island for more work again recently. Lizard has welcomed some amazing new staff to the team, and so I was asked to take their latest headshots for marketing and press release use.

Lachie (above) isn’t new, but recently he returned to the island. I wasn’t actually shooting his portrait at the time. I was demonstrating some camera settings to one of the other staff. Lachie however, obligingly unleashed his best ‘Magnum’ at me. Winner!

Leon is the new GM to the island, and a real pleasure to work with. A true professional, his relaxed manner combined with his experience in front of a camera made for a fun, easy and smooth early morning profile shoot.



The resort also welcomed a new amazing Executive Chef, Winston Fong. Quiet, calm and polite, he is the opposite of the often-seen abrasive chefs. Whilst being in front of the camera wasn’t his favourite place to be, he worked well with me, nailed his shots, and was a pleasure to work with.



As well as shooting marketing and profile images for the resort, I have been teaching some advanced landscape photography classes as well. It has been very popular with many of the staff up there. The vibrant colours of the water made for a beautiful backdrop to the Kapok flowers that are currently in bloom.



I have classes scheduled for this week, both currently up on Lizard Island, and soon back home on Magnetic.

I’m definitely looking forward the upcoming winter evenings, both for some beautiful sunsets, as well as the clear crisp skies for astro photography!

Happy snapping..!