An amazing advanced sunset class

I had the pleasure of teaching an amazing advanced sunset class with Levi recently.

The winter evenings are beautiful. Cool. Clear. And yielding the most vibrant sunsets. Perfect for any kind of photography. And very good for an advanced sunset class, shooting some long exposure shots. So the colours can really soak into the sensor, and any movement is beautifully blurred.

Teaching classes in this classroom is such a treat.


Levi really got into it, shooting a number of stunning images. He shot a number of gorgeous long exposure images to smooth out the water. We experimented with ND filters and some colour-effect filters. Creating images with cool effects and colours as you shoot is lots of fun. As Levi said, “Photoshop in real life!”.


He then began to shoot a number of shots all in portrait orientation, as his plan was to stitch them into a high-resolution wide panorama image.


As I have often stated, I am a strong proponent of using whatever gear you have. It should be about the photographer, not the equipment.

Levi was aware that his Sony A6000 was an older camera, but he was using it to great effect. He didn’t have one of the latest high megapixel sensors cameras, but by careful framing, shooting, and maintaining good even exposure, he could shoot and stitch a large, high resolution image. Very skilful use of his gear. And some fantastic post production work. Stunning!

I will be conducting more sunset classes over the next few weeks as we still have plenty of cool winter evenings to enjoy.

I look forward to those classes, shooting, chatting and bathing in the amazing light and sight of the setting sun!

Happy snapping..!