Matt and Helena

A Wonderful Wedding

Whilst not something I often do, this week I had the pleasure to shoot a wonderful wedding.

Matt and Helena requested me to be their photographer for their wedding held recently on Lizard Island; a most wonderful, picturesque location.

The day started very overcast, and we were all watching the sky, hoping for it to clear. Fortunately the weather-gods overlooking Lizard Island were kind to us all, and it was a perfect day with amazing light.


I have known them both for a while as colleagues, so working with them for this shoot was fun and easy. Helena is a talented photographer herself, so I was especially honoured to have been asked to shoot for them.

We started with the ‘before’ shots, as they were getting ready in the beautiful Pavilion. The natural light was fantastic, and I used my strobe sparingly. Just for a little fill here and there. The amazing MagMod Magsphere is a superb lighting modifier, giving perfect soft natural fill lighting.




The after-photos (top) were taken down at the beach and much like Magnetic Island, the granite boulders make for a wonderful natural backdrop.

It was a beautiful day. I can see I may do a few more weddings, especially island weddings. They’re pretty awesome!

Congratulations to the happy couple and happy snapping!