Stunning Sunsets are here again.

Oh yes! Maggie’s Stunning Sunset Photography opportunities are here again!

Winter has been quite mild this year, but the sunsets are still as wonderful as ever. As always, Horseshoe Bay is my favourite spot for some stunning sunset photography.

The beaches are more quiet than normal, due to the current Corona Virus situation. It has meant less tourists and less classes, but I am still making the most of each colour-filled evening myself.

The colour alone makes the sunsets worth the shoot, but for something different I took my lensball with me recently too. It makes for a great, fun and interesting image.

A number of times, I have gone straight on from a sunset shoot to an Astro shoot. The skies have been so clear, the stars have shining bright and beautiful. Too good to not shoot!

As it has been so clear, I also went on a short road trip for some Milky Way and Star Trail shots. Keelbottom Creek is a great location, away from any light pollution. The sky at night was a stunning sight to behold, as well as capture.

If you’re keen to learn more, please contact me. I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!