The Ospreys are nesting.

There are babies in the nest!

I spent a few very enjoyable hours getting slightly toasted in the sun, but loving the sight of the nesting Ospreys over at Picnic Bay.

nikon 400mm ospreys nesting


The fledglings are just beginning to test their wings. Both stood up on the edge of the nest and had a good flap, but are yet to take the leap. Literally and figuratively speaking!

Both parents left the nest from time to time, but it was mum who was there most of the time. I saw her tending to the nest, adding a few sticks here and there. Then dad was back with dinner.

osprey nesting

My patience and unwavering eye (ok, mostly unwavering) was rewarded by seeing him fly in twice with a catch. Once for the nest, the other time himself.

osprey and catch

There are 3 sets of Ospreys nesting that I know of; one in Picnic Bay, one at Alma Bay, and the last at Horseshoe Bay. All have decent views of the nest, but to get to the vantage points at Alma and Picnic takes a bit of (well worth it) effort.

Over the next week, I will be checking out the other two nests and hope to get some more images of these magnificent birds. If this is something you’d be keen to try, please contact me.

I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!