Eastern Osprey

Out to see the Ospreys

The magnificent Ospreys are nesting again.

It may have been a bit chilly but getting out for some Osprey Photography was well worth it.

They are certainly one of my most favourite Magnetic Island photography subjects.

Having recently constructed a new nest at the far end of Horseshoe Bay, the Ospreys are currently nesting.  The calls of the chicks are easily heard from the beach.

The nearby dune is a perfect vantage point to set up and watch the nest as the adult birds fly in and out with food for their young.

Keeping your eye (and lens) trained towards the nest is a much more certain way of catching them in the air.

nesting osprey photography

I hauled out the big sticks and big glass, but I also have some easier to carry set ups too. They will be nesting for the next few weeks, and I expect to see the fledglings beginning to take their first flights soon.

With some practice and luck, we may also be able to shoot them making their catch.

Obviously, Osprey Photography is best done with longer telephoto lenses, but bring whatever you have. Let’s see what we can shoot!

I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping.