Cracking diving conditions!

There have been some great diving conditions lately. We are all loving the clearer water.

All the guys at the dive shop have been in the water as much as possible. When it is this good, it is hard to stay out!

Visability is usually in the 4 to 6m range, but lately we have over ten meters. It has made for some great wide angle underwater photography opportunities.

Always present in Alma Bay, one of the many Masked Stingrays have been spotted by most of the guys on their dives this week. I was able to also get a decent shot of one, before it took leaving behind a cloud of sand.

great diving conditions

Turtles are always a treat to see as well, and a number have been spotted lately.


Also, I will be conducting some night dives over the next few weeks, and for the more night-dive experienced, I will also be leading some flouro dives. These great diving conditions are definitely worth making the most of!

If you are keen to join us on a dive, or attend an underwater photography course, please contact me to check availability.

I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping.