The island in Infrared.

Other worldly imaging.

I’m putting a new spin on my Magnetic Island images. Shooting with Infrared Photography!

A few years ago I had an old Nikon D80 converted to shoot in IR, and I love the strange but amazing results I can get with it.

The weather may not have been ideal on this day, being rather overcast and lacking in sunlight, but it has got me fired up to get out and take some more island infrared photography images.

I am hoping to do a whole MI IR series, shooting many of my favourite and rather iconic locations, but in infrared.

As well as the channel swap style of rendering (above) IR also converts to black and white really well, so I will be sharing more of those images too.


It is certainly a lot easier using a converted DSLR than with film and filters. However, it still takes some skill and knowledge, especially when focusing the lens. I often use my older lenses though, as they have a specific IR focus dot.

It definitely makes it more accurate. Of course, being digital we are able to check our images straight away. Another benefit over the golden old days of film!

If you’re keen to come and give it a try, please contact me!

Happy snapping.