One of the most amazing masters of disguise; The Cuttlefish

Colourful underwater creatures.

The water is getting colder, but also clearer.

I have had some great dives over the past week. I have been fortunate enough to see some amazing colourful underwater creatures.

Not often seen, the cuttlefish is a master of colour. Able to change its texture as well as wash with disco-like colours, it is a fantastic sight to see.

Using my 105mm macro lens, I was able to keep a respectful distance whilst managing a nice tight shot of the little chap.



On the same dive, I managed to get a nice clear shot of a Crinoid, otherwise known as a Featherstar.

Its tiny little legs are wrapped around a red sea whip, out at about 9m at the far end of Alma Bay. A great spot for water movement to carry in plenty of delicious food!

Although the wind has blown up a bit over the past few days, we are hoping for better weather next week.

I’ll be definitely jumping in again soon.

If you have your own camera and want to learn more about it, or wish to get into underwater photography, please contact me or the guys at Pleasure Divers to book on the course!

I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping.