Using filters and long exposures, you can take your sunset photography to the next level!

Sunset season is starting.

Here come the colours. Horseshoe Bay sunset season is starting!

Winter is fast approaching, and that means my most favourite Magnetic Island photography subject is ever-improving. Sunsets!

A perennial favourite for many, the stunning evening colours of a Horseshoe Bay sunset draw many admirers and photographers.

However, whilst many people enjoy the view, a fair number are disappointed by not being able to capture what they saw.

Unfortunately many leave too early. Many times it may seem that there is no colour. However, waiting for the sun to fully disappear and darkness to start to creep in is best. The colours begin to burn in wonderfully.

horseshoe bay sunset


I will be conducting evening sunset courses on most evenings during the winter, when I’m not leading night dives. Both the basic classes as well as the more advanced classes will be available.

I also have spare tripods if you are not travelling wth one.

So if you find yourself a tad frustrated with the images you’re taking, please contact me to check availability. And don’t hesitate to enquire about bespoke classes. I can definitely tailor a class to suit.

I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping.