Night diving with blue lights reveals the most amazing fluorescing corals

More Fluoro Fun

Fluorescence abound!

With some fantastic clear water and calm conditions, it was perfect for fluorescent night diving.

On this night dive, we explored the left hand side of Alma Bay.

The fluorescence was abundant and amazing. We saw a variety of colours. Green was the main colour, but we also had reds, oranges and tones of purple and blue shining back at us.

Using my underwater camera, fitted with the right filters, I was able to take some images of what we were seeing. Being able to share the fluorescent night diving experience is great!

Underwater Photography is a fun challenge in daylight. At night, it becomes more of a fun challenge. Add blue lights and filters to the mix and it definitely went up a notch!

fluorescent night diving

However, challenging lighting conditions aside, I loved it, and was very happy with the results.

The water is cooling, so thicker wetsuits are coming out, but winter diving means even clearer water. It makes for a nicer dive, but is much better for clear photography.

I will be leading a number of special fluoro dives over the winter months.

Spaces are limited, as we like to keep the night dive groups smaller.

Bookings will be essential.

Contact Pleasure Divers to book!

Happy bubbles!