A big bunch of Brittlestars!

Like the amazing Featherstars, these tiny little guys are as delicate as they are beautiful.

And they come in a variety of colours too!

Each is so small, they’d barely be able to wrap their little arms around your little finger. (Not that you would be touching them of course, but as a size-example only)

I’d not shot these as often, but seeing such a huge abundance of them on this coral, I had to pause and carefully take some macro shots.

With the many fingers of coral potentially casting many shadows, I had to aim my strobes carefully either side of my macro lens to illuminate the scene as evenly as possible.

I was also fortunate to have some nice clear water too, so I had no backscatter.

I’ll be sure to watch out for these little guys again, as they’re one of many great macro subjects the island has to offer.

Happy bubbles!