A perfect day for a dive class in Alma Bay

Conditions are perfect!

It’s a great time to be in the water.

Conditions are perfect for diving; The water has warmed up to 24º and we have enjoyed much calmer winds over the past 2 weeks; the diving has been absolutely fantastic in Alma Bay.


For a bit of a change, I went out a little further than usual. I finned my way around into the area known as Fish Cove. The visibility was easily 7 to 8m. It was great to be able to look beyond the usual 5m and see the schools of small damsel fish all around the various corals.


On my way back in to shore, I came across a lovely large red gorgonian fan. It had a little feather star clinging on firmly. Sat in a mild current, there’d likely be plenty of food passing by, so I’d guess he was happy with his prime spot!


I was almost ready to surface when I had one last visual treat; two little Hypselodiris Tryoni Nudibranchs. Although I didn’t have my macro lens with me, the extremely close focusing ability of my 10-17mm fisheye lens meant I was able to still get a decent closeup. Wide-angle as well as semi-macro. Awesome!

I’m still conducting regular underwater photography classes, so if this is something you’d be keen to try, please contact me.

I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!