Combining a portrait shoot and a camera class.

Want to combine a portrait shoot and a camera class? Magnetic Island is definitely a great location for both, as chosen by a recently visiting cool couple, combining some requested portrait shots with a basic camera class too!

Last week, I had the pleasure of teaching Gabriela some of the basics of Landscape Photography.

We chose to do the shoot down at Horseshoe Bay as it is usually the ever-perfect location for a stunning winter sunset, like the one below from 2 nights prior.

However, on the evening of the shoot, it was extremely overcast! So whilst it looked like a cracking sunset wasn’t on the cards, the even soft lighting made for a good set of portrait shots, as requested by Llewelyn and Gabriela.

As we were taking the images, we did notice some good colour beginning to creep in, so in preparation for Gabriela to set up her own camera, we headed to the end of the beach.

couple portrait shoot

Whilst we were getting set up for her to take her own sunset shots, the amazing colour that was fast appearing meant we just had to get few more images of them too.


It was a great class, and Gabi fast got to grips with understanding more than just the basics, even trying out some long exposure shots of the gently lapping waves.

They are both keen to come back to the island, and Gabriela is looking to do another class soon, where we will also be covering some post production techniques too.

I look forward to another fun class. Cheers guys!

Happy snapping y’all..!