Fabulous Food Phone Photography

Mobile devices are changing the game. It’s now possible for some Fabulous Food Phone Photography!

Magnetic Island Photography is definitely about teaching and enjoying photography in an amazing location. However I was back in Singapore recently.

Whilst there I was asked to teach a short, basic class on mobile device food photography.

Like many, my client is a big foodie and a keen amateur chef. Also like many she uses her phone to take photos of her dishes, but was disappointed with the images she was getting.

Out of focus, poorly lit images, like the two immediately below are not what she wanted. So she decided to seek advice. I was fortunate enough to be hired to help.

We spent the morning at a lovely garden cafe, where we went over some photography basics. ┬áMy client used her phone for her images of our breakfast and coffee as she’d always done, so I could then help her to work on composition and exposure.

As with any device, understanding what it can do will make a huge difference. Knowing how to lock the focus and adjust the exposure was her favourite tip from a technical point of view.

Using something as simple as a sheet of white paper to bounce light into the shadows was her favourite exposure tip.

Since the class she has taken many new images she is proud of, and the result speak for themselves.


If you’re keen to learn the basics or more advanced techniques either with phone or a more advanced camera, please contact me.

Happy snapping..!