Backyard Butterfly Bonanza

We have been inundated with little flying friends. Today was a backyard butterfly bonanza!!

Sometimes I really don’t need to go far to find amazing photography subjects. I walked out of my back door and into my backyard (OK, dust patch) to witness a veritable butterfly bonanza.

At the moment, the island is quieter than normal with less tourists and less classes. However, I am still making the most of any photo opportunities I see.

Using my trusty 200mm macro lens, I was able to keep my distance and not disturb them as they tucked into the nectar.


The wings of the Blue Tiger Butterfly really are a stunning vibrant blue. I love how this shot really shows all of the butterfly and how the long lens really crushes the background.


Here I managed to time and frame the shot so the 2 butterflies were in the same focal plane.

Modestly, I have to say all of the images are gorgeous, vibrant and detailed. That is of course always what we hope and work to achieve. Often you don’t see what can go into making a strong image: ¬†Location. Timing. Luck.

And in this instance, sitting in the dirt for an hour being patient!



If you’re keen to join me on a macro shoot, please contact me. I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!