A little local knowledge

A recent bird photography shoot was a perfect combination of a little local knowledge, and a lot of luck.

I recently had 2 guests visit the island, both very keen to get out and shoot some of the birdlife here.

They were both very keen to see and take some images of the Rainbow Bee-Eater. However, that particular feathered friend was being elusive that afternoon. We did see a beautiful Sun-Bird though.

It was as we were heading back that we spotted the Eastern Osprey on the wing.

Living here, I have gained more than a little local knowledge. I still also rely on a lot of luck too though!

The Ospreys nest at the far end of Horseshoe Bay, so I know they are often seen there. Seeing one on the wing with a catch in his talons was definitely lucky.

Having him land in the tree above us to eat the catch was amazing!

The girls were using 2 of my Nikons with fairy long lenses. After a little assistance with settings and technique, they were both happily clicking away. Both were grinning from ear to ear too. Awesome!

They both took some superb images, as seen at the top of this post and below.





It was a fantastic afternoon appreciating some of the best wildlife we have on the island.

If you’re keen to join me for a few hours of fun photography, please contact me. I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!