Endeavour Falls Arcadia

Wonderful Waterfalls

Wet season has arrived, bringing many wonderful waterfalls for us to enjoy.

I have been busy conducting a number of landscape photography classes. The cool flowing waterfalls have given us a wonderful new subject to shoot.

Actually, it’s been so popular that I’m adding 2 extra classes this month. Waterfalls are really only a wet-season treat, so now is the time to see them!

This year we have not had as much rain as previous wet seasons. However, the falls have all been flowing beautifully. We have been able to shoot the perfect soft water shots that everyone loves to capture.





Getting to Endeavour Falls is a little bit of a hike, but it is still one of the most easily accessed waterfalls on the island. Taking it slow and steady is best. Also, carrying a small travel tripod strapped to your camera backpack is a good idea. It keeps your hands free as you make your way down to the falls.

It doesn’t matter what you have: a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, or a small compact camera. They are all capable. You just need to learn a few techniques.

The most popular is device is of course, a mobile phone! The latest phones are amazing, enabling long-exposure shots without the need for filters, or even a tripod.

I will be sharing some recent images soon. Taken with various cameras or devices, it is hard to tell what took what. That’s because, as it should be, it’s about the photographer, not the equipment!

If you’re keen to join me for a few hours of fun, shooting some wonderful waterfalls, please contact me. I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!