Enjoying his moment in the spotlight, a small back-yard Bug poses on a leaf

Back-yard bug hunt!

For some amazing macro photography subjects, I only needed to take a short hike.

Sometimes I’ll take the class for a wander along the beach. Other times, we stroll along the boardwalk towards the lagoon. Most places can yield a nice variety of subjects. This time, as I was shooting some macro photography for myself, I just walked out of the back door and into my garden. A back-yard bug hunt began!


macro bug photography

To begin with, it seems like there is nothing to shoot. No things with legs at least. Plenty of still life subjects, but I was on a bug hunt.

Once you begin to relax and really look into the greenery though, more and more things begin to come into focus.

Using my 200mm f4 macro lens, I was able to keep a respectful distance from each little critter, whilst getting a nice tight shot of them.

I am yet to correctly ID each creature I saw, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy their amazing shapes and colours.

Over the next week, I will be out shooting some more macro. Both some things that crawl, and the less challenging but still awesome plant life the island has to offer.  If this is something you’d be keen to try, please contact me.

I look forward to shooting some amazing images with you soon.

Happy snapping..!