A week of Events.

It was a great week of event photography. The heavy, impressive, ‘Ooh, that’s big and professional’ gear came out again recently.

It made a good change, because I this time I wasn’t in the water! I was on land doing what was often my bread and butter in Singapore: shooting an anniversary and a birthday. Event Photography at its best!

I volunteered to cover the Horseshoe Bay Rural Fire Brigade‘s 60th anniversary.

It was an honour to be asked to cover such a milestone event. Whilst there, I also took some images of the new, fully equipped new Kawasaki ATV that the RFB have for remote access to literal hot spots.


It was a great turnout with many island residents attending.

One of the islands local talented artists, Greg Simpson performed live. As always, he put on a great set keeping the tunes going for all to enjoy.



Later in the week, I also shot some images for a friends birthday. The beachside location made for some wonderful late afternoon light and candid shots.



I will be conducting a bespoke Underwater Photography course for a client in a weeks time, so I’m preparing for, and looking forward to that.

Happy snapping!