Camera Repairs

Camera Repairs. Well, that’s where things can get a bit difficult. Magnetic Island is beautiful and serene. That’s why we love it.

Unfortunately though, it is not a tech hub. When something important breaks, it can be a tough task to get it repaired. Fortunately, I am used to carrying out my own camera repairs myself.

I love my Nikon 1 V 3. It’s one of my favourite small light cameras. I often use it when beach walking for Osprey shots. Frustratingly it was having an issue. Well, to be precise, the 70-300mm lens was. When zoomed, it would cause the camera to shut off.

After some web research, it appeared to be a common issue. Either the aperture ribbon, or the image stabilisation power ribbon was faulty. Or perhaps both.

What to do? Well, I ordered the believed-to-be-faulty parts online. Once they arrived, the delicate task of replacing them began.


Lots of phone-photos were taken during the disassembly. That certainly helped the re-assembly.

camera repairs


Fixed and working! Awesome.

After about 2 hours of careful work, it was back together. I mounted the lens to the camera and installed a fresh battery.

With crossed fingers, I turned the camera on and zoomed the lens. BINGO! All working perfectly.Phew!

I’m not saying I want to do too much of that again, but it was great to be able to fix one of my more important tools.

Happy snapping..!