Discover the tiny amazing creatures of Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island macro photography can really be almost anything you want. Even every-day objects become other-worldly images under magnification. The natural flora and fauna of Magnetic Island really does offer some amazing subjects though.

OK, bugs are not for everyone. Neither are spiders or lizards, but they do make amazing (if somewhat challenging) subjects to shoot for those that are keen.

There are other subjects that are easier to shoot and they don't get people all jumpy; the beach is home to an infinite number of them... sea shells! They make for some stunning macro shots, the tight framing and magnification of a macro lens being able to show the intricate detail in the shell.

Taking a macro shot that's also part of a landscape scene can make for a compelling final set of images when combined too.

Best Seasons:All year round.
Popular Location:Island-wide plus the butterfly and lagoon board walks.

Upcoming Macro Photography Tours

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insect and bug photography

    Insect & Bug Photography

    2 hours

    Insect and bug photography is quite challenging, but a fun challenge. It allows you to enter a whole new world. Seeing otherwise unknown elements in nature is a visual treat. Nothing says macro photography more to me than seeing magnified…

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      still life photography

        Still Life Photography

        2 hours

        Still Life Photography using macro lenses allows you to enter a whole new world. I love insect and bug photography. However, small jumpy-things are not everyone’s cup of tea. So that is why I am also conducting Still Life macro…

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