Shoot macro underwater is challenging but so rewarding.

Excellent Aquatic Encounters.

The diving has been excellent this week.

Not only is the water a little warmer than expected, we have seen some amazing marine life.

Whilst on a fun dive with fellow instructor Marco for him to try out my superb, compact Inon 2000 strobe, we were very fortunate to see a fairly large Wobbegong Shark.


The image (above) really does have a shark in it, honest!! They are very well camouflaged though.

Whilst on a solo macro dive, I hit the jackpot, seeing a whole bunch of gorgeous Nudibranchs. One was trucking along solo (image at the top of this post) and the others were in pairs.



A large Thorny Ray (or Porcupine Ray as they’re more officially known) was sat in the sand as I ended my dive.

He was an impressive creature, especially given his size at well over one meter in diameter.

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