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Robert Hudson (UK)

Testimonial - Robert Hudson
Testimonial – Robert Hudson

Kobie is an accomplished, professional and knowledgeable photographer, and a good friend of some years standing.

He has a patient, enthusiastic approach to his art and is not afraid to adopt new approaches and techniques. He is a brilliant teacher and mentor.

His strength is in his ability to explain “all things photographic” in layman’s terms. No jargon, no overly technical dialogue, just easy to understand explanations of what to do and how to do it. He delivers this patiently and clearly, with plenty of encouragement. Of course, this is followed by hands on experience using your own camera and equipment (or his own if you are not fully equipped at the time).

I have been a keen amateur photographer since I acquired my first 35mm camera way back in 1965. Kobie has enabled me to take greater strides with my hobby in the last few years; for which I am extremely grateful.