Kobie Rhodes

Just who is Kobie Rhodes?

I first picked up a camera when I was a little kid. It was my dads work camera. Yeah, I got in trouble! But I learnt, and once I started to roam I began to shoot more and more. My first own camera was a skinny long Kodak 110 Star. I then stepped up to a little 35mm no-name auto-everything box of a camera. When my dad sent me a second hand 35mm SLR Minolta with 2 lenses, but no instruction manual (his idea of humour!) I began to teach myself the fundamentals, and that really got me going properly.

I am most definitely a self-taught image-maker, so I can’t boast a list of academic photographic credentials. I do have a pretty respectable client list though, (DHL, Sofitel, Clyde & Co, and MasterChef to name a few).

I shoot almost exclusively with Nikon equipment and am also a member of Nikon Professional Services, which is a very important and useful resource as a working professional.

Island Life with Kobie Rhodes

Whilst I enjoy every aspect of the shoots I do in Singapore, they are mostly of the corporate variety, and I miss shooting outdoors and the wildlife.┬áNow, it’s time to follow my heart and spend more time pursuing my passion for photography and diving, back on the island.

I am also a certified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with over 18 years of experience. One of the specialties I teach as an MSDT is the PADI Digital Underwater Photography course. That is a particular favourite.

I look forward to helping you create beautiful images of the scenery and wildlife of Magnetic Island.

Kobie Rhodes