PADI Underwater Photography Course

Come on in, the water is divine..!

My cameras and I have been under the water a fair bit more these past couple of days. The weather has been much calmer for the past 3 weeks and with the better conditions, the visibility has improved.

Whilst there was still a little bit of sediment floating around, it was significantly better than the past few weeks. I swapped out the macro lens and port for my 10-17mm fisheye to wide-angle lens and dome port.

The fantastic little Nudibranch (Hypselodoris Tryoni) was out and happily beetling-about, so I had to stop and admire him (or her!) for a few minutes as well as shoot a few images too.

On my way back towards the shore, I also came across a Blue-Spotted Stingray sat, as they often do, mostly buried in the sand.


Happy bubbles y’all!

MSDT Kobie.